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Customer Service 4.0

1 Day

Price: $320

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Providing service professionals with 4 primary tools to manage customers while providing consistent quality service to clients. Why is it important for the provider to develop their service resolution skills? This question is answered multiple times for each participant during this interactive session that includes videos, role play and case study activities.


  • Internal customer service behavior
  • Identification of major types of dissatisfied
    customers: causes, expectations and remedies
  • Understanding and use of PROBLEM SOLVING
    methods to solve customer issues
  • Understanding CONFLICT, common causes of
    conflict, the negative impact conflict has on
    organizations and ways to identify then RESOLVE
    the costumer issue
  • Hearing is something we all do very well, ACTIVE
    LISTENING is another way to manage customer
    issues when we are participating in the dialog
  • Managing my emotions so that I can respond
    to each customer instead of react to them.
    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is a tool that allows the
    provider to help resolve the customer issue


People Leaders
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