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Instructor Led

We believe one of the best ways to learn complex computer and technology topics is though instructor led training. That is of course, our specialty. It is also the most popular and preferred method of learning which benefits individuals from a multi-dimensional learning stand point. Students will listen and experience our lectures while our instructors demonstrate by example. We then give our students the hands-on practice they need to make sure they are learning the material which makes this modality one of the strongest options available to our students.

Our top 5 reasons for choosing
Instructor Led Training at Training to You

  1. Student Focus:

    Instructor Led training creates a healthy environment for learning that allows our students to concentrate on taught materials with fewer distractions.

  2. Establishing a Dialogue:

    As students become more familiar and comfortable with our instructors, it strengthens their learning experience, allowing our students to feel confident in their training objectives. It adds value for the participants when an instructor is able to elaborate on subjects the participants find valuable.

  3. Practice Makes Perfect:

    Newly acquired skills need to be practiced. Instructor Led classes make it more interactive for individuals, giving them the option to ask question about specific problems as they come up. Addressing questions quickly allows the learning process to continue without interruption.

  4. Adaptability:

    Unlike online learning, Instructor Led training is able to address the needs of the participants in the classroom. Instructors are able to adapt content based on the level of understanding in the classroom, spending more time in some areas, and less in others, making the learning experience smooth.

  5. Individual Attention:

    Our instructors are able to deliver real-word examples, bringing valuable and insightful stories into the classroom. They also are able to detect if an individual may be falling behind. This allows the instructor to make other arrangements during breaks or during the class, if appropriate, to help individuals who may need a little extra attention.