Learn How to Use Excel Better in 1 Day

Training to YOU provides a level of instruction that not only leaves you comfortable and confident with Microsoft Excel, but also with a core level of understanding allowing you to tackle any challenge down the road. We do not simply teach a couple Excel methods applicable in only certain situations, we forge a foundation level of understanding. Our training can take you from the most common introductory concepts to the pinnacle of expertise. Training to YOU has been providing Excel training for major industry leaders and government entities for almost 15 years. Many of our instructors, in addition to decades of training experience, have worked in the private sector. Our instructors are experienced and insightful helping you pave your way to success.

Beginners Microsoft Excel

With basic computer skills, it’s likely that you are comfortable using a computer to perform basic tasks. Instead of using paper or a calculator, it’s time to think about using the computer to store and manipulate data in electronic format. What you will learn View Prerequisites

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Whether you need to crunch numbers for sales, inventory, IT, human resources, or another business unit, the ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time can create a powerful competitive advantage in a complex market environment. What you will learn View Prerequisites

Expert Level Microsoft Excel

Your previous experience with Microsoft Excel has given you a solid foundation in working with this software. You can use Excel efficiently and effectively to solve problems for your business. In this course, you will learn about some of the more advanced features of Excel, including automating common tasks, auditing workbooks to avoid errors, sharing your data with other people, analyzing data, and using Excel data in other applications. What you will learn View Prerequisites

Microsoft Excel VBA

You use Microsoft Excel to work with data and need to improve the processes involved. This course looks at how you can work directly with Excel and its components to manipulate the application to help you work with your data. What you will learn View Prerequisites

About Us

Training to YOU was founded by Tim Smith in 2003 as an Arizona corporation. Although Training to YOU itself has existed over a decade, the roots in the Phoenix market reach back to 1986 with the foundation of the training company, Training à la Carte. Training to YOU founder and CEO, Tim Smith, was a lead account manager for Training à la Carte. When Training à la Carte decided to close their doors in 2003, Tim purchased the assets and launched Training to YOU.