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4 Weeks


Robert Scott
Network and Security Instructor



Students will be introduced to security concepts for today’s business and technology professionals. This course will cover layered security philosophy, physical security, Internet security, and wireless security principles. Students will focus on operating system security, network security, and security software. The course is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Exam: 98-367 – Security Fundamentals.

The Security Fundamentals course is designed for students who are seeking to prove their core computer and network security skills and begin to open doors of opportunity in the Information Technology space. This course will address a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, assess and validate your core technical knowledge, and enhances your technical credibility.

  • Computer Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Data Security Administrator
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Information Technology Security Analyst
  • Information Systems Security Analyst
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Master IT Security Concepts
  • Learn about on-line threats
  • Understand permissions, passwords and security policies
  • Find out how to fight malware
  • Physical Security
  • Discover how to protect your Server
  • Learn Public Key Infrastucture (PKI) And Certificates
  • Protect your identity on-line
  • Learn about firewalls and network security
  • Discover Windows 7 and Windows 8 security solutions
  • Set up a real access point
  • Understand wireless security
  • Passing the Training To YOU CompTIA Network+ course; or
  • Active CompTIA Network+ Certification; or
  • Passing the Training To YOU CompTIA Network+ assessment