Do you Qualify?

One of the most important and generous benefits a company can offer is tuition reimbursement, a contractual arrangement between employer and employee that outlines specific terms under which the employer may pay for the employee’s continuing education. Today, tuition reimbursement benefits are also called tuition assistance, and vary greatly from company to company.

It generally takes a solid, well-established company to be able to offer what could amount to $10,000 per semester or more for eligible employees. So don’t look for too many startups to include tuition assistance as a regular part of their compensation package. However, distance learning technologies are providing new opportunities for employees to receive certifications at much lower cost than traditional study programs.

Just because a company says it believes in personal development, though, don’t assume it offers tuition reimbursement. If this benefit is important to you, perhaps because you want to complete a certification, it makes sense to clarify the scope of your intentions and the company’s capabilities up front.

Step One

The first step is to see if your organization qualifies for tuition reimbursement. A wide variety of organizations offer educational benefits. We will start this process for you by reaching out to your organization all we need is a contact.

Step Two

Once we have confirmed you are eligible for education benefits, We will reach out to your organization and verify what grade point average you need to maintain in your classes and what outcomes your company expects to see.

Step Three

The third step is you successfully passing your program. It will be a lot of work but we believe here at Training to YOU Career Pathways that after taking one of our certification-prep course either online or on ground you will be ready to pass your certification exam.

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