Virtual Training Rooms

At Training to YOU, we’ve partnered with MicroTEK, powered by ATTUNE®, to bring you dynamic, interactive training solutions, no matter where your employees are.


Training to YOU’s Virtual Training Rooms are specially designed for training and allow your employees to participate in classes from virtually anywhere in the world, even if they’re all in different locations.  

How it Works


Training to YOU’s Virtual Training Rooms are much more than just another video web conferencing application.


Thanks to MicroTEK technology, our certified instructors can lead training events like a conventional classroom, and your employees can interact with their instructors and peers as though they were all in the same room.


Participants can raise their hands and ask questions, access course content (such as presentations, videos, notes, and whiteboards), and collaborate in real time.

What to Expect


Our Virtual Training Rooms are just like any other classroom, only delivered to the comfort of your home or office and in high definition.


Your employees should expect to participate as though they were in a traditional classroom, interacting with their instructor, their fellow trainees, and their training course materials through shared screens.


If your training includes a Virtual Training Lab, your employees can also experience an over-the-shoulder view of their peers’ desktops and provide real-time feedback.


Depending on the course, they may even have access to the lab environment outside of regularly scheduled class time for additional practice.

Convenience and Flexibility

Getting started with Training to YOU’s Virtual Training Rooms is simple and easy. Plus, it saves you and your employees the time and expense of commuting to and from on-site training sessions in person. We’ll provide all the information your employees need to get up and running in less than 20 minutes. Simply call us, and we can help answer any questions. 

Rent Your Virtual Training Room Today

Rooms can come with computers or without. Whatever you need! We can also set your personal computers up in your rental space for you upon request.

How many business days will your event be? (One week is five business days, two weeks is 10, etc.) We can host training events on weekends for an extra charge. 

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