JavaScript often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based, multi-paradigm, and interpreted programming language.

Introduction to Javascript

This course will teach the core functionality of the JavaScript language. Students learn to use JavaScript effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of roundtrips to the server.

Introduction to Programming Using Java SE 7

Welcome to Introduction to Programming Using Java. This course introduces you to general programming concepts, and it can serve as the foundation course for a complete path in computer programming skills. You will learn the basic concepts of programming using Java as the tool for learning.

Java Fundamentals

You will create basic applications using the Java SE 7 programming language. You will also describe object-oriented concepts, Unified Modeling Language (UML) representation of object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, and Java platforms and technologies.

Java Programming

You will work with advanced features of Java.

Java2 Advanced Programming

Students interested in learning more about the Java programming language should take this course to learn advanced programming techniques and concepts.

JavaScript Advanced Programming and AJAX

You are familiar with XHTML and basic techniques of JavaScript programming in designing basic web pages. You can make your web pages more dynamic and attractive by providing additional functionality to them. In this course, you will use the advanced techniques in JavaScript programming and Ajax to make your web pages highly functional. You will use the advanced techniques in JavaScript programming and Ajax to add better functionality to make web pages interactive and dynamic.

JavaScript Programming

You used XHTML to develop web pages with interactive content to attract visitors. In this course, you will develop interactive web content using JavaScript. You will create and execute scripts using JavaScript.

Windows Store App Development in Javascript

Microsoft® Windows® 8 has introduced a new application platform that targets touch-screen mobile devices, which also runs on traditional desktop and notebook computers. Microsoft has provided various tools and programming languages to support development in this platform, giving the developer the ability to use tools and techniques that they are most comfortable with. With Visual Studio® (including the free version of Studio Express), the developer can still choose to program Windows applications using languages such as C++ and C#, which have been traditionally used for desktop application development. But now developers can also develop Windows apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS—a triad more commonly used for web development. This course introduces students to Windows 8 application development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It covers most of the objectives in the Microsoft Certified System Developer Exam 70-481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript. You can use this course in preparation for that exam.