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Phoenix Training Room Rentals

Since 2003, Training to YOU has provided businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations with professional meeting rooms and computer labs, available for rent to both local and national organizations. With over 10,000 square feet of space, Training to YOU’s rentals offer a full range of professional services and amenities, including seven fully-equipped classrooms, to meet all your staff’s training needs. Our rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 52 people, depending on your needs, and our top-notch meeting room technology allows you and your employees to conduct specialized training sessions efficiently and with ease.

Virtual Training Rooms

Training to YOU’s Virtual Training Rooms (VTRs) use the latest in video-conferencing technology, with custom features developed especially for corporate meetings and training. Virtual meetings are initiated at Training to YOU headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and your employees can participate either in person or from “virtually” anywhere in the world. Because Training to YOU’s VTRs are developed with the user in mind, instructors and trainers are able to teach in an engaging, interactive manner, and your employees can learn as though they were all in the same room.