Hello, my name is Aaron Higginbotham I am the Business Development Manager here at Training to YOU. My primary responsibility is to serve our customers and students. I help them find the right class for their specific needs, and word to make sure their experience here at Training to YOU is enjoyable. The best part about my job is helping people advance their careers. I am passionate about helping people grow. Helping people drives me to get up in the morning. When I live with the mindset of putting others first I feel energized throughout the day. When I dream of living anywhere in the world, I think of living in the San Juan National Forrest. I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing and everything that goes with it. But then I remember the amazing community and job I have here in Arizona and I am happy I live here. If I could have dinner with anyone from any time it would be Saint Anthony of the Desert, I would learn a lot from him