Hello, my name is Alexandre Matte. I am an instructor with Training to YOU. I love sharing things with others. One of my favorite moments inside the classroom is when my student’s eyes light up, that moment they begin to understand a difficult concept. I count it as win on my skills as a teacher and also a win for the student because now they can do their better job or do something previously difficult to them. I always make sure that my students discover early on what methods work best for them. If a method of learning isn’t great for you the first time, try to take the same content and learn it differently. I still to this day read aloud because I know it helps me understand and retain information better. If I think back I can remember the first class I ever taught, it was a Windows 95 class, and that was over 20 years ago. Sometimes when I am not teaching I think about the future and I imagine myself living with humans on planets other than Earth. And maybe on that planet they will have figured out how to make healthy foods taste as good as junk food.