Hello, my name is Stephanie Nix. I handle all day to day operations at Training to YOU, if you have a question with scheduling, class registrations, hospitality or accounting then your question will eventually find its way to my desk. I am here to serve our students and clients. I help them get registered, make sure their books are ordered, tell them when and where their class will be held, as well as process any payments. My favorite thing about my job is hearing customer feedback, it is awesome to hear how helpful and friendly people find me. Sometimes when I am not assisting our students I think about living on the beach. It is the most calming and relaxing scenery I have ever experienced. Watching my children grow and learn, as they develop into their own, individual people is what gets me out of bed every day. If I could share a meal with anyone from anytime it would be my Grandma Shirley, she passed when I was young, and I would like to meet her as an adult.