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3 Tips for Effective Time Management

How successful you are as a student is largely determined by how well you manage your time.

Typically, students are not just students; they have many obligations including family, work, and social life. Finding time to study every day can be an increasingly difficult task. Therefore, developing effective time management skills is imperative to success.

Here are three tips to help you develop time management skills:

1. Determine when you are most ready to learn.

This will be different for everyone. Are you a morning person? A night owl? Make sure you are in the right mood and have no other pressing matters to distract you. If you have kids, this could mean waiting until they are asleep or getting up early to study before they wake up. Choose a time when you are most alert and focused.

2. Create a schedule.

It is difficult to make an accurate schedule for yourself without first paying close attention to what you do during the day. Spend a few days writing down what you are doing and when. Perhaps you are spending more time than you thought on social media or watching television.

Find out where in your schedule you could make some changes to be able to have more time to study. Use a calendar or planner to ensure you are staying on task!

3. Remember, you are not just a student!

Make time for family, friends, and relaxation. If you become unfocused in your studying, get up and take a walk. For many of you, you are going to school to help improve the lives of your family members. Don’t let school burn you out. The best way to do this is with proper planning and scheduling. Avoid procrastination!